The Teenage Brain

Of course each individual is born with a brain, but the brain you are born with gets remodled then you hit puberty. During this remodle the thickening of the grey matter countinues. The growing peaks for girls are usually at age 11 and for boys at age 12. New information and new skills are put into the brain, and then it undergoes pruning. During the Critial Period the brain becomes very plastic, it specializes and active synpases take advantages of good and toxic experimiments.
Actions are often overacted while the remodle in taking place. such as:

  • lying
  • intelligence
  • passion
  • rebellion
  • defiance
The hormone level changes jurastically, for males testosterone can fluctuate 1505 daily and for females, the estrogen levels can increase 6005 to 4,000% months. Also these hormones are the things that make you think, or tell you that you are in love.

In the teenage years during brain creation, the rick taking and risky behaviors are much more consiquenctional. Addictions are much easier in this time period.


Each individual has their own values, wether they take a second and actually think about it, take more the a second to evaluate the things they have in life that the should, or could value, or if they never even devote a second to thinking about their personal values.

Values are basically the things in life that have an important meaning to you. It could be your pokemon trading card of it could be your amount of honesty. Usually its the different types of ACTs you do that you value. Say all your friends are going to ditch 3rd period because a new girl from the tropics came and they think that doing thins will impress her. Your also interested in getting the attention of the girl but you know your education comes first and that your parents wouldnt be happy with you when they got the call form your school saying " A person in your household named Martin Smith missed 3rd period on Friday September 12th." So you decide to stay in calss and let all you friends go. in this case Education and family would be the things you value int he situation. With out values you wouldnt have boundaries, your values in a way are an outline to your life without you even knowing

Gender Issues

There are many gender issues in the world today and im sure it would be very hard to find a solid number of people that would disagree with that. Stereotypes are a major issue and much of the thing people are saying are false. Many people from opppsite genders are critizing members of the opposite gender, and that is wrong because they dont live their same life.

Media Influences

Things that are protrayed in the media are often shown in a way that encourage the audience into doing them, wether they are meant for that on not. Women are usually shown as toys and are just an image, when guys are also shown as an image but a stronger image.This in the media push people into doing things they wouldnt normally do. In the movie Killing u softly there is a quote that says " women were seen as things and objects" another saying " the more you subtract the more you add." In the movie tough Guise there is a quote saying " You gain respect by disrespecting another." Although there are thought of ways to stop this in the media such are teaching women to stand up for themselves or trying to change the images in advertising. Having men showing emotion to prove that its okay, or finding men that dont only go after the ideal women.

Sleep, Nurtition, and Exercise

Having a good diet and getting enough nurtience is something that is very viltol to a persons health. Eating disorders are very popluar and are only getting more popular, and not for a good reason. Eating disorders are the highest death rate of phyciactrics, and many people, mostly girls but some boys develop them for all types of reasons.

Sleep, in many way can also throw off you system too. It affects your moods, memory, health, irritability, physical health, gives brain damage, increase stress, anxiety, growth, imunne system, give you bags under your eyes, grades, reaction type, concentration and more. Just like not eating properly, the sleeping regularly and getting enough can also lead to something as serious as death.

Exercise is also very important for a person. being out of shape can lead to many health scares and emotional changes.alot of times people get addicted o foods and then become fatter which makes then unable or less willing to work out. Low amount of exercise can also lead to death


Stress is caused by a numerous different things, and there are different types of stress.
  • stress= anything that requires allostasis
  • Allostasis= stability achieved through change
  • Allostasis load= the cumulative demands on your system to adapt to stress


The ability to become addicted to things are higher in the teenage years. Many people become addicted to things because of the highs if gives you, when you get take something it brings your regular being up to a high and then when its done treating you, instead of bringing you back down to your normal being you go back to a low so you want to take "it" again to bring you back to your normal level. Then when you want to feel a high you will need to take twice as much as "it" so bring you past your normal self ad up to the high.

Short and Long Term Effects from Drugs

  • nose deformation
  • stroke
  • high blood pressure
  • liver disease and liver cancer
loss of appitite

  • burst of blood vessles

  • nausea vomitting
  • overdose=death
  • clammy skin and weak breathing

  • Parkinsons disease
  • tremors, drooling
  • nausea, vomitting, chills

  • Teeth clenching
  • central nervous system

  • bad breath
  • acne
  • heart attack

  • eyes, throat, nose
  • lung cancer

  • Respratory failure
  • anxienty/ depresssions
  • tremors, liver, brain

  • cancer
  • immune system
  • painc, flash backs
  • child birth prevention

Methods of Birth Control

Abstinece-100% effective
Condoms-86%-98% effective
Oral Contraceptives-97%-985 effective
IUD-99% effective
diaphram/sponge-low 90s

Teen Pregnancy

Extra Section

I wish that i had gotten more involved faster in school. Being involved is a great thing especially for freshman, you get to know your school, your peers and get to do something good. Also being in a sport is very good. I did gymnastics and it was great, you feel good, and you get to contribute things to your school.