Unit 2 - Influences
- Inside the teenage brain
Inside the teenage's brain, many brain cells are in growth. That brain cells make you able remember things from school, solves a math problem, and orders body to do an ordered job. The problem, though, is that if you don't get enough sleep, you may have some problems with brain cells. Brain is full of active synapses. That active synapse is fully activated when you get 10 hours of sleep everyday. If you don't get that 10 hours of sleep during the teenage period, you may have some disadvantages in school and your life such as studying. It may make you take longer to study, since brain cells are less active.
The Three Perceptual Channels: Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual
The Three Perceptual Channels: Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual
- Learning Styles
There are 3 general learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. First of all, visual learners like to learn materials in images. They tend to remember person's face more than their names too. A good way for them to study is to visualize information as a picture. Another good way for them is to skim-read any reading materials before getting into details and such. Auditory people understand better when they hear things. They are good with phone talks, likes musics very much, and sometimes even make songs based on studying materials. A good suggestion for them is to study in a quiet place because they get annoyed if they hear noises while studying. A kinesthetic learners likes to use their 5 senses. They are very active most of the times, likes to play around, and is very energetic. A good way for them to study is to take frequency breaks and stand up to work.

Unit 3 - Individuality
- Gender Issues Although Gunn high school has less gender issues than other public schools, there are still a few out there. Many times, male or female are judged just because of their sex. Many males are judged to be the murderer, or the tough people that gains respect by disrespecting. The research from Tough Guise show that male's respect is related much to physical strength. Most of the times, they are dominant over women because they are supposed to be tough, respectful, and are stronger than female. When males have prejudice about their sex, female does too. According to a research on women's advertisements, a women said that if you are not pretty, then ur simply just not trying hard enough. Also beauty is "the most important value" of a woman's life. Their dynamics of power is subordinating to men because they are weaker and are supposed to be this creature or property that belongs to men.
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- Race Issues
Racism has been in this country ever since America has started. There was slavery even when the declaration of Independence was writen. There are still racism here nowadays. For example, when a white man (not related to anything to middle-eastern) dressed up as a muslim, he gets a supposedly "random" security check. Sometimes they get called by the police to check if they are not terrorists. Polices thinks that everyone are terrorists if they look middle eastern, which is thoroughly false. Some people who are terrorists can look middle eastern, but not all middle easterns are terrorists. If you see it the correct way, muslims and christianity are almost the same concept. They are on the same branch as each other. I am pretty sure that the former students next year will try to prevent that, once they read and learn about racism. For another example, there is this poor town in Mississippi, where black people would gather to live. A lot of people from there are very poorly educated and poorly fed also. In a high school, most people lost their virginity because it is a "cycle." That racism should be over now. We've been fighting over that for over 300 years now and I really would appreciate if it just stopped right at this second, which is impossible, but if we all try, we might be able to end it sometime.
external image racialharmony.jpg?w=250http://fundyreformed.wordpress.com/2007/12/ Unit 4 - Health - Emotional
Almost anything can cause unhealthy emotion, and can be going through depression. The biggest source of emotional problems is stress. There can be many stress sources in life at Gunn as well as at home. Many parents have higher expectation from their children because they're in the Gunn district. Many things from school can stress you such as grades, friendship, strict teachers, sleeping, eating disorder, racism, sexism, or their apparent looks. I think that grades is the most pressure source of your life in Gunn high school. You always try to get A's but it doesn't work all the time and you can get pretty stressed over it.
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- Physical
There are unhealthy person in physical ways also. The thing that they're lacking the most is nutrition, sleep, and excercise. Female usually gets about 1,800 to 2,400 calories per day while male gets about 2,200 to 3,200 calories per day. A normal healthy person would eat needs 6 oz. of grains everyday, eat 2 1/2 cups of veg. everyday, eat 2 cups of fruits everday, drink 3 cups of milk everyday, eat 5 1/2 oz. of meats and beans everyday. If you are physically unhealthy, I would highly reccomend you to take sports or excercise more often or even stop making those fake call slips so you can skip the mile run every units.
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Unit 5 - Substance abuse
- Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana
I think that tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana are the 3 most commonly used drugs in America. Although I've never heard about using drugs here in Gunn, there might be some that can catch you and addict you until the rest of your life. Tobacco is very scary because 20% of highway deaths are smoke related. It is also very hard to stop once you get into the addiction. Many people would feel like dying without it. Also, it contains 1000s of chemicals and one of them is used to preserve dead bodies. It also has many body effects such as lung cancer (which is the most common from abused use of tobacco), heart attack, liver cancer, throat cancer, or tooth decay. Next, Alcohol is also the scariest because it is legal and many teenagers are most likely to try alcohol before they into stronger drugs. This addicts everyone into speed, heroin, or anything like that. If you ask any people who are abused to drugs what their first drug was, they are most likely to say that they don't remember, tobacco, or alcohol, but i am pretty sure that alcohol is most likely be the case. Alcohol is made from fermenting fruits, sugars, and grains. 40% of highway deaths are alcohol-related which scares me the most. This also has many body effects: blurred vision, slurred speech, bleeding throat, breathing may stop, or heart disease. The part about breathing may stop scared me vert much. I didn't know that alcohol can kill people. I thought it was only temporary thing. Marijuana probably isn't used much but it is very dangerous. it comes from leaves of hemp plant and looks like cregano or dried parsley mixed with seeds. Marijuana is way worse than cigar. You can get addicted to it the first time you try it. There are many body effects for Marijuana too. It reduces motivation, gets throat cancer, lung cancer, increased appetite, and increased blood pressure,
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- Short and long term effects for drugs

Short and long term effects are used for drugs. It basically explains what are the short term effects and long term effects, such as lung disease. Short term effects for drugs can be making you hyper, speeds up the way you act and speak, feels good for a momeny, becomes depressed after it goes away. The last part is scary because it is a cycle. For example, speed speeds you up. Then you get very depressed. To get to the normal level, you take another shot of speed, but the afterwards is not very happy. It may even lead you to death. Long term effects are even scarier. It has addiction (cycle), many cancers, and it leads to permenant damages on your body such as losing voice for life after smoking pot.
Unit 6 - Sexuality
- HIV / AIDS and other STDs

HIV/AIDS and other STDs are very scary. It unbelievable how many people gets pregnant and gets STDs each day. And my numbers aren't 100% correct, but are close to it. These are only people who goes to the doctor, but it's still a big number kind of a deal. First, HIV is an infected disease that turns into AIDS if you are HIV positive. Did you know that 50 teens get HIV everyday? That is 1 HIV infection in 2 hours. There are 4 ways to transmit HIV to another person: blood transfusion, unprotected sex, sharing needles, and mother's pregnancy to children. The 4 body fluids that carry HIV are blood cells, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid. AIDS is a disease where there aren't any good cure for it. AIDS stands for Aquired Immune Defiency Syndrome. There are pills for it, but it just makes the process slow down. They are caused by HIV and ends up most likely dying. After knowing that its 10-12 years of HIV positive, it's most likely to be turned into AIDS. 0-6 months to show up on the test is called window period. Did you also know that 3,750,000 teens in US gets STD each year? That is one big number for year. That amount of teens is 1 out of 4 teens in the US. The most famous STD known in America is Chlamydia, and is the one where it is most spread. It can be transmitted by sexual intercourse. Its symptoms are very specific. It burns, itches, and discharges. half the people with Chlamydia gets that symptoms but the other half doesn't and that's what scares me the most.
external image aids_front_big.gifhttp://www.northeastfloridaworldaidsweek.com/services.html
- Teen Pregnancy
Did you know that there are 1,000,000 teens pregnancy every year? well, there are. That is 1 pregnancy in every 30 seconds. I believe that teen is a time that you should study, not raise a baby. You can't study if you are pregnant because you get yoo embarrassed to go to school with a fat stomach that automatically shows that you are pregnant. Also, i don't think anyone can raise a baby at that age.
Pregnant girl
Pregnant girl
- Extra SectionWhat u reccommend you to do in high school is to be socially active. Get as many friends as possible and you will have fun time in high school. Even if you don't have many friends, try to get more friendly and dont ever get depressed over lack of friends. Also try becoming volentary. This helps your community service hours which you will be needing to go to a good college, and its fun! Before even thinking of getting into drugs or sexual relationship, think and set your goal for your life. I think that setting goal is succession of life, especially in Gunn.
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