Written by Heymin Lee
Living Skill Teacher Lynne Navarro
Period A

Unit 2 - Influences

  • Inside the teenage brain
When you are 3 years old, your brain start the first development. When you're teenager, the second development start. Teenage brain are changing many parts of brain's basic structure. These teenage brain change yourself. You would feel change in impulse control, judgment, making decision, planning your time or life, and grouping with others, and emotional changes that shows you are becoming adult. It affects logic, language, impulses, and intuition. It also affects action; quick overreact, sudden bursts of intelligence, lying, passions, rebellion, and defiance. This brain development does not finish until you are around 25.

*What are happen in our body
-Active synapse will take advantage of good and toxic experiences.
-Risky behavior : out of sync with judgment and impulse. It helps teenagers to define their identity.
-Hormones : Female -testosterone can fluctuate 15% in a day
.................Male-estrogen levels increase 600%to 4900%over a month
-More sleep for brain


  • ValuesValue%20Quotes.gif

Is there anything that you think is the most important to you? It is called VALUE. There are several many values like family, friendship, peace, wisdom, religion, riches, beauty,etc. There can be many others things. However, sometimes you should decide one of the values. For example, if your friend told you that she/he is going to suicide, and she/he wants you to promise not to tell anyone. Then you should choose one of the values, Friendship by keeping promise or saving life by telling this to other like her/his family or teacher so they would prevent your friend from suicide. You should be very careful when you decide it. When you make the decision, what value that you prefer affects you to make decision. That can be affected by religion or family value, or culture. When people prefer different values, there can be fight and discussions or arguments. If it is wide as country to country, there can be a war, or terrorism.


Unit 3 - Individuality

  • Gender Issues anorexia_alt_0928_2.jpg
    • WOMEN (FEMALE) - There are too much ads and stereotypes that women should be thin, weak and pretty. Ads sell values of women. These ads use computer graphics and make a fake beautiful women, but these affects women's self-esteem. They causes a lot of plastic surgeries and extreme diet. These stereotypes and ads causes eating disorder, and cutting girls down size, and always shown as 'active boy and passive girl'. Many ads treat women under men. There is no fact that women are always thin and pretty, and under men. The world is changing and women are now in same position with men. There are women politics, lawyers, docters,etc.
    • MEN (MALE) - There are video game characters or movie characters that are tall, strong, and tough. Theses affects many boys and also grown men. They learn violence, murder, and dangerous things that they think is tough from media and want to be like how it shown on the media. In the movie, the gun is bigger and their body also bigger than before. Boys want to be muscular and if not they want to be shown as a tough guy, so others would respect them. The influences of the media cause school shooting and fighting, and also gangsters in our society.

    • www.cartoonstock.com/.../ama/lowres/aman106l.jpg

  • Learning Differences/ DISABILITY
Almost half of the Americans have disability. There are many types of disabilities ; blindness, deafness, learning disorder, ADD/ADHD, mental illness, hidden, developmental disability, mobility, brain injuries, etc. Most of these disabled people got accident when they're teenagers, by car accident or during dangerous sports. The most hardest things for disabled people is that this world is not opened wide for all of these people. There is no exact equal opportunity in employment, education, sports and as well as culture and religion. These are barriers that they have, and are more difficult to chage the society. Most of them need human assistance like help them eating, walking, going to bathroom,etc. In the U.S. today, we have many laws which guarantee equality of people with disabilities legally. There are more moneys spent for them, for more services and entitlements. However, they still experience second-class citizenship. They also feel like they dependency from this "special" programs that focus on "help" them. These "special" services CANNOT guarantee their inclusion on society, dignity, freedom, friendships, choices, self-direction, being seen as a valuable and being treated as competent human being. Nowadays disabled people try sports like tennis, basketball, running, swimming,etc. They said they feel free when they are playing sports. There is also Paralympics for them. Now we should keep changing.

'More often than not, barriers are made out of peoples' ignorance towards something different.'
- Consultation comment



Unit 4 - Health

  • Depression - Nowadays, depression is treated as one of the medical issues. Many people feel like they do not have any energy in their body and can't concentrate easily. Others feel irritable all the time for no apparent reason. The symptoms may be different from person to person. However, if you feel down for more than two weeks, and these feelings affects you with your daily life, you may be depressed. People who have depression feel hopelessness, no decision-making, and bad sleeping habits. They usually avoid to staying active, balance, sleeping, eating well, cotact with friends, and do not be shame to ask some help. The synapse doesn't work well. People use drugs to treat depression, but it causes stomachache and headaches. The therapists guide these people how to remind themselves. Scientists can know there is depression or not. Depression causes suicide. 5,000 people with depression succeed suicide themselves.

  • Nutrition/Sleep/Exercise
    • Nutrition - It is the provided materials that are necessary to support your life. This is usually supported by food. Common health problems can be prevented by supporting good nutirtions. The diet is also important on what nutirition that you eat. Diet can have real serious bad impacts on your health, and can't protect you from diseases. There are 5 or 6 groups of nutrition; milk group, meat and beans group, vegetable group, fruit group, grain group, water. Taking proper amount of nutrition is really important. It affects growing, also affects you as mentally. Most of the people eat meat more than vegetable. Then it causes being fat and other diseases coming from fat.
external image Nutrition4Health-logo-gif.gif

  • external image Sleep.jpg
    • Sleep - Sleep is Going to Bed stuff that our bodies really need. Even though the exact reasons for why do we fall a sleep remain a unkown, we do know that during we are sleeping many of our body's major organs and systems continue to work actively. Some parts of the brain increase their activity, and the body produces more hormones. Sleep, just like diet and exercise, is important for our brains and bodies to function as normal. In fact, sleep appears to be required for survival. Cannot sleep is similar to death by starvation. If you do NOT sleep, there would be lots of problems. You can get stress, and cannot memorize well, can be fat and hungry, getting tired, and getting sick like headache. You also can't focus something well and falling asleep during your daytime. Then it can cause car accidents because you fall asleep during you're driving. If you sleep, then it makes you to memorize better. An internal biological clock controls the timing for sleep. It programs you to feel sleepy during the nighttime hours and to be active during the daylight hours.

    • Exercise - How can you lose your weight? How can you be more strong? The answer is Do the Exercise! Regular exercise is really needed for our health physically external image 19389-exercise-picture.jpgand mentally. It reduces the posibility of heart dieases, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other more diseases. When you exercise, your body would use energy to move your body. Then if you keep doing exercise, your body will use less energy for the same amount of work. Exercising with havy weights or other trainings develop you muscles, bones and strength and endurance. You can be stronger, your muscles become more firm. Stretching exercises are also important. They keep your body more flexible so that you can bend, reach and twist. The flexibility is also important to reduces the chance of injury from car accident of some accidents. It also balance your body. If you have tense and stiff area like your back of your neck, stretching exercise can help you to relax and make comfortable with your muscles. It also help you feel relax. Exercise is also improtant when you lose weight. It burns calories. Exercise have more effects than that. It reduces stress and lifts moods and sleep better. It will be one way to change your life.

Unit 5 - Substance Abuse

  • Addiction - Addiction is a serious brain disorder, but it's treatable. People who are addicted want alchol or other drugs again and again. They can't control themselves from it, even if they have bad health. This happens because alcohol or other drugs change the brain and it brings the lack of control. This brain changes also cause behavior changes. Drugs of abuse affect the parts of the brain that control mentally, like pleasure, emotion, and memory. These changes can bring the disease by drug addiction. Using drugs over and over can change your brain structure. It won't come back as normal even if you stop using drugs. Different types of drugs affect the brain in other different ways, different parts of the brains. The addiction is possibe to treat it and there are many clinics for it, but the most important thing is that you should change your mind first.
external image Understanding%2520Addiction_1.jpg

  • Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana external image ht_tobacco.jpg
    • Tobacco - Nowadays 20% of death are smoking related. Tobacco products are made entirely or partly of leaf of the tobacco as raw material, which are intended to be smoked, sucked, or chewed. All contain the highly addictive ingredient, nicotine. Nicotine causes heart attack and heart cancer. At least 40 of the chemicals are included in tobacco. It causes eyes, nose, and throat irritations. The smoking causes many diseases; throat cancer, lung cancer/ disease, heart disease/ attack, stomach ulcers, river cancer, etc. Despite this, it is too common throughout the world. A number of countries advertise to notice people how much tobacco is bad for them. It is too easy to buy and use tobacco and there are too much place to smoke. It makes tobacco more common and serious problem in this world.
    • Alcohol - Alcohol is created with grains, fruits, or vegetables. These are fermented. It means texternal image alcohol-drug-dependence.jpghat bacteria change the sugars in these food into alcohol. This process is also used to produce many items like cheese or for medication. Alcohol can be used as a cleaner. So if Alcohol is natural and useful product, why do teens need to careful about dirinking it? When people drink alcohol, the alcohol affects your blood stream. It also affects your nerve system that controls whole body functions.40% of all deaths on highway is related to alcohol. It inreases aggressive acts and higher mental function. If we see it as long-term, it can cause permanent damage to vital organs like brain.
    marijuana.jpg (62040 bytes)
    marijuana.jpg (62040 bytes)
    • Marijuana - Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. It is a dried green and brown mix of flowers, seeds, and leaves from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The most affective chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. When someone smokes marijuana, THC rapidly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream. It also affects and damage other parts of the body. When people use it they experience overreation and "high" feeling. The parts of the Marijuana affects the brain,too. It influences the brain that related to pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, and movement of the body.


Unit 6 - Sexuality

  • HIV/AIDS and other STDs - The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that leads to AIDS. HIV takes long time interval, some years, between the first infection and the other symptoms. It usually enter through bloodstream, by blood-blood contact. HIV is related to the T-cells. The only way to find out that you have HIV is to be tested. The symptoms and period is different from person to person. During the first 2 ~ 4 weeks of infection, it is common that people experience flu-like symptoms. The blood, vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk of people infected with HIV has enough of the virus in it to infect other people. The four ways that HIV can be passed on person to person are blood transfusion, unprotected sex, sharing needles, and mother to child. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the next stage of HIV infection. If a person has fewer than 200 T-cells and have HIV infection, then it would develop to the AIDS. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases that are mainly passed from one person to another during sex. There are at least 25 different sexually transmitted diseases with a range of different symptoms. These diseases may be spread through vaginal, and oral sex. Most sexually transmitted diseases will only affect you if you have sexual contact with someone who has an STD. The half of the people who have STDs have symptoms like burn, discharge, and itching. However other half of the people don't have symptoms. Nowadays one-fourth of teenagers have STDs. These are the most common STDs ; Bacterial Vaginosis, Chlamydia, Crabs or Pubic Lice, Genital warts, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Herpes,etc.
    external image wac2005.gif

  • Teen pregnancy - Teenage birth rates have gone up and down over 60 years. Unfortunately the United States still has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies compared to other counties. There are educations about sex and pregnancy to prevent teenagers form teenage pregnancy. Teenagers who have babies are usually do not finish their highschool and ruin their future plans. Also, babies born to teenager moms have a more chance of having a low birth weight and this can cause much more medical problems later in their life. And if these children grow up in this family that have hard time supporting them, and keepig their own family. Then they woul grow up in poverty and cannot always have an access to good and healthcare. Teaching teenagers about safe sex and the problems about pregnancy can be a huge help to prevent teenage birth contorls. The only way to avoid sexually-transmitted diseases like STDs, and pregnancy is absitinence.
external image pregnancy.jpg

Extra Section
1. For foreign freshmans... this is my first time in America, and the first thing I want to say to you is that PE class is the best class to find your friends. In other classes it can be really hard for you to talk with them and study together with them, but PE doesn't require such things like that. Also don't make so many friends from your native country. It does not so good for your English, I think.
external image P-PE.jpg

2. Use your binder. It was really helpful for me. You can organize everything in your binder. It would be much helpful for you when you have tests or finals.

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