Unit 2
– Influences

Learning styles- external image styles-poster-web.jpg

There are three types of learning styles that are all different from each other: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. A visual learner learns by seeing, an auditory learner leans by hearing, and a kinesthetic learner learns by doing. Most of the population learns visually. However, there is still many people that learn kinesthetically and auditory, and most all classrooms are set up for visual learners, which gives kinesthetic and auditory learners a disadvantage.

Inside the teenage brain-external image may_2004_brain.jpgimages-4.jpg

The teenage brain is something that very few people understand because it is so complicated. “Teen brains do not function like adult ones do” (www.edutopia.com) which makes it even harder to completely comprehend. Also, the researchers found that risk- taking behavior is out of sync with judgment and comes out of impulse. However, risk helps teens to define identity, and also dopamine levels rise. Teens also need at least ten hours of sleep for proper brain functions, but because they are biologically programmed to sleep longer and later than adults, and with schools starting earlier and earlier, it is hard for most teens to meet this requirement. =

Unit 3- Individuality


Disabilityexternal image Disability.bmpexternal image Disability.bmp

There are more people with disabilities in the world then you could even imagine. There are three different types of disabilities: physical, mental, and learning. Physical disabilities are much easier to deal with because there is generally some kind of aid that can be used, such as a wheelchair or a hearing aid. Mental disabilities generally are harder to cope with because they are more severe. Also, learning disabilities are difficult, but not as bad as mental disabilities. Especially now that there is more government money for programs, it makes it easier on the people with the disability, as well as the family. The worst part about the disabilities, however, is how people can be so cruel and incepting. ==


Raceexternal image RACE_Book_Cover.jpgexternal image RACE_Book_Cover.jpg

The United States has come a long way in terms of race, but there is still a long way to go. Whites have had privilege in the past, and they still have much privilege today. For example, whites can go shopping with out being harassed or followed, and they also can swear, dress in second hand clothes. Low credibility as a leader is not a problem, and whites will always feel welcomed and normal. However, “by 2050 whites will be the minority race in the United States. Hispanics will be the dominate race, then white, and then African Americans”(www.newswithviews.com).= images-2.jpg

Sleep external image Sleep.jpgexternal image Sleep.jpg

There are many problems that the lack of sleep can cause. The many horrible things about being overtired is that one would show fatigue, anxiety, moody, poor decisions, slow, and bad grades. Teens are among the most sleep deprived. “Biologically driven to sleep longer and later then adults do, the effects of insufficient sleep are likely to be even more dramatic” (ww.apa.org). Teens today need at least ten hours of sleep, when the average teenager can barely get eight hours. =

Stress- external image computing_stress.jpg Today, people have made up their own myths about stress and are now stressed more than ever before. There are also many disorders that are associated with stress such as diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, and neuron death- and these are only a few of the many disorders that stress can cause. However, having no stress in your life also is unhealthy. So, people need to be able to find the perfect level of stress in their life. When you find this “perfect” level of stress, it is called the “the sweet spot”. They call it the sweet spot because any amount of stress above this level causes tissue damage, and anything below the level does not let the brain stabilize by changing.

Unit 5- Substance Abuse

Alcoholismexternal image alcohol.jpg Alcohol is the most common drug used by teenagers today, and beer and liquor is involved in 40% of all car crashes. Teenagers are much to casual about drinking today, mostly because alcohol is almost to easy to get, and because it is illegal, it makes it all the better. Also, there are commercials for beer and such that make it look appealing, so obviously the commercials are doing their job and makes teens want to drink it. Without a doubt, if the United States drinking age were lowered, the US would have less of a problem with alcohol. The numbers of teens drinking would shoot up at first and then the number of teens would end up being less. I think this because teenagers today only want to do what is illegal, so if the United States lowered the age, the “risk” factor would be gone, and teens would drink more responsively. Short and Long Term Effects- external image alcohol_2007.jpg All drugs that are used today have many different long and short-term effects. Some can be as simple as increased heart rate and dilated pupils, and some effects can be as serious as irreversible brain damage, and cancer. The drugs that have the worst effects seem to be some of the most addictive substances, such as methamphetamine, and the effects seem to be along the lines of HIV, brain damage, and body temperatures up to 110 degrees.

Unit 6- Sexualityexternal image hiv2.jpg


Today, at least half of all teenagers are sexually active, and with 3,750,000 teens getting an STD ever year (1 in 4 teens). Did u know? That 17,000 teens get infected with HIV a day? Well, 50 of those people are teenagers. The disease is spread through blood transfusions, unprotected sex, sharing needles, andfrom mother to child, and the four bodily fluids that transfer HIV are blood, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluids. Methods of Birth Control and Abstinence-external image pills-white-yellow-on-blue-background-spilling-from-plastic-pot-container-bottle-folic-acid-400ug-as-recommended-to-be-taken-during-pregnancy-closeup-1-JR.jpg There are many ways to prevent a pregnancy, or almost prevent a pregnancy, but there is only one way to completely prevent a pregnancy- abstinence. Abstinence is the only 100% effective birth control method. However, there are a few other ways if a teenager, or anybody for that matter, decided to have sex. One of the most common forms of birth control are condoms. They are 86-98% effective, but oral contraceptives are 97-99% effective. Some oral contraceptives, however, will only work if they are taken on time. For example, "the pill" is a form of birth control that only works when it is taken on time, otherwise it is not very effective. Other birth control methods are items such as diaphrams/ sponges. Also, there is also other methods known as the withdrawal method.

Final Section- external image School_University.jpgimages-1.jpg

external image School_University.jpg

There are a couple things that I would suggest to an incoming freshman. The best piece of advice I can think of is to be organized. There is nothing worse than to come to school and not be ready for the day. Without a doubt, a student will not do well is he/she is not organized. Another reason why it is good to be organized is because if a student cannot find his/her homework they will lose points, even if they had completed the assignment.

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