Influences-Inside the Teenage Brain-
Teenage brains are very confusing and believe it or not, intellectual. However, the only person who can really determine what a teen is thinking, is the teenager himself. Even so, some things that goes on within the teen brain, is very clear to other people. Some of the mysteries that go on within the teen brain is why we are so quick to overreact, our burst of intelligence, rebellion, defiance, lying, and passions. At one point, a girl can seem to be the happiest girl on the planet, but in the next instant, a hormonal monster can seem to appear out of nowhere. Or on Monday, he is obsessed with guitar, but yet on Tuesday, drums it is. The brain begins to develop at age 3, however when it reaches teen years the brain goes through massive remodeling that affects logic, language, etc. We also go through different stages like the critical period, where new learning is important. We also have a higher chance of doing risky behavior because our dopamine is higher, so this equals higher risk taking. It is these kinds of things that make the teen brain so mysterious and confusing.
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Values are a big role in a persons life. My strongest values include my family and friends. On this topic, i learned how your values affect the good and bad choices one makes in his life. For example, the dilemma of keeping your friends by doing drugs, or saying no and not having them as friends anymore. To me, this situation is easy. Say no. If your friends threaten to not be your friend anymore unless you do something harmful, then they're not you real friends. If somebody's value is sports, then they would obviously always make the right choices to keep their value.

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-Gender Issues-

A big issue effecting the teen world now is gender issues. To many people girls are always stereotyped as moody, bitchy, slutty, preppy, prude, or anything else, before even meeting them. These can be good or bad, depending on the persons thoughts. A girl who has sex at age 14 is a slut, a guy who has sex at age 14 is a God. However, girls aren't the only ones who have it bad. Guys must keep their role as the buff, hot one. Also, dominance plays a big part in gender issues. A guy is a wimp if he is beaten by a girl, because most girls as look at as much weaker than guys are, which isn't always the case. Gender issues and stereotypes are filling up the media and teens brains at this very moment.

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-Sexual Orientation-

During the teen years sexual orientation plays a huge part in life. Most lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, or questioning discover their true identities during these critical years. If a homosexual person knows they are homosexual, usually they discover this before they hit the teen years. Even so, most homosexual people do not share their sexual orientation until they know they have good friends and a supporting family, so it is usually in the open during teen years. Even if a LGBTQQ people have all the support from friends and family, there is still ongoing suffering from other people around. Because many people have different views on whether or not LGBTQQ are "rightful" or not, there is much teasing and hate coming from different sides. A lot of people today strongly do not accept LGBTQQ, and think that they are wrong. This is not only the kind of harm that comes to LGBTQQ people, there is much teasing and suffering that comes from people who are completely supportive of LGBTQQ. For example, the word gay. It is used to call something stupid or lame. Although it is not necessarily directed toward gay people, it can still be hurtful.

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Emotional- Depression
19 million people become depressed every year in the U.S. Obviously, it is a big issue here that can't be completely resolved yet. The only way to avoid it is to stay active, eat a balanced diet, keep in touch with friends, relax and get a lot of sleep. Otherwise, depression is something that can't be cured, only helped, and has serious side effects. Feelings of hopelessness, changing in eating or habits, thoughts of death, and lack of focus are all signs of depression. If you experience this sign, it is good to get treatment before the depression gets bad. If it does, it can lead to suicide. 500,000 teens a year attempt suicide, and 5,000 succeed. It affects 5% of teens, and medication can only help 65% of people. Depression is a lack of saratonin, and because it is so serious, everyone should take steps to avoid it.
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Physical- Sleep

Sleep is the basic root of everyday activities. Get enough sleep, and you're good to go. Don't get enough sleep, and the next day is a struggle. Lack of sleep can lead to death, stress, depression, lack of focus, and obesity. You need sleep to get enough energy through you for the next day. If not, it is hard to stay awake in class which can cause stress about not taking the notes or not finishing homework. A regular teenager should get more then 10 hours of sleep a night, but today many teens are stressing over tests and homework and get 7 to 8 hours a night. Sleep is very important, and teens should take it more seriously.
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Substance abuse-Alcohol-
Alcohol is a drug that most teens use and abuse everyday. It is the cause of 40% of deaths on the highway, and can be very dangerous if abused. When too much alcohol is consumed and a person is drunk, their judgement can be way off. It can lead to unprotected sex, drunk driving, or alcohol poisoning. its body effects are slurred speech, bleeding throat, weakness, impotence, and osteoporosis. Many underage teens drink alcohol and can be arrested or die.
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Marijuana is a leading drug that many teens take. It s a hemp plant that is illegal to any age and contains 2,000 chemicals and can change your immune system. Marijuana can lead to tolerance and high depression. Its high can quickly become a bad trip and then a low. Also, it can alter your vision and your judgement. Its body symptoms are less motivation, sleepy eyes, higher heart rate, being more hungry, and a weakened immune system. Marijuana is a dangerous drug that shouldn't be used by anybody.

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Methods of birth control and abstinence
Birth control and abstinence are two very effective and safe ways to not get pregnant. Although birth control is only 97-99% effective, abstinence
is 100% effective. There is now way you can get pregnant without having sex. The cons of birth control is that it cannot protect you from STDs and the pros is that it protects you and evens out your menstrual cycle. The cons of abstinence is your choice. The pros is that you cannot get pregant or get any STDs. Abstinence is the best way to go because it is so effective.
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Teen Pregnancy
The realization of teen pregnancies is a frightening truth. 6 in 10 pregnancies result in live birth, 3 in 10 are terminated by abortion, 1 in 10 ends in miscarriage, 1 in 6 of the live births are given up for adoption. Many teen girls who are having unprotected sex or getting drunk/high and losing judgment, quickly end up in a world of chaos and depression when they figure out they are pregnant. Also many of the boyfriends will no longer stick by their girlfriends sides once they learn they are a soon to be father. Teens can get abortions at clinics, and have many different options to stay safe and still have sex. Also unprotected sex can lead to STDs, or HIV and AIDS. Being safe and using a condom can prevent this. Teenagers should have safe sex and use their best judgements.
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Guide for Incoming Freshman
Homecoming is one of the best weeks in the school year. Everyday is filled with a new theme, a different theme for each grade. The more spirit you show, the better. Gunn is a very spirited school, and everyone loves to dress up. Don't be embarrassed to show some school pride because when you get to school, everyone else will be decked out in their theme. Be sure to always enjoy homecoming week to its fullest, and don't let homecoming drama get in your way.
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Getting Good Teachers
Before starting a school year always make sure you have the right teacher. Everyone has a different teacher preference and a different learning style. Make sure that the teachers you have fit your needs so get information on the teachers teaching methods. Also, you can always talk to a teacher about your grade if you are doing badly. Even though any teacher will be willing to help you out, it is better to have a good relationship with them as well so pick a teacher who you get along with.

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