Unit 2 Influences-Learning styles- values
Kinistetic, audial, visual are the three main learning styles.
The learning style that is most focused on in school is visual which is writing and doing things like tests. visual learners often havae an advantage in school because that is how most of the material in class is presented.
Audial learners learn from listening. when teachers give lectures and talk it can help the audial learners. in languages audial learners have an easier time. Audial learners might benifit more from listening to a book on tape then actually reading a book.
Kisnistetic learners are people that learn by doing. if you were to do labs in science or act out scenes in english class it could help the Kinistetic learner. one super fun way that Kinistetic learners can learn math is by doing it over and over again.


They define what you do, your limits. they are your guidlines. Do you pick family over shool? These type of questions challenge your values. some basic values are family, school, friends, environment, health.
Family is, do you respect the family guidlines? how far will you go to please your parents? how highly do you value family time?

School is how highly do you value your education? what will you sacrifice for it? what would you do to do well in school?

Friends is do you choose it over school how much time do you spend socialising?

Envirionment is about how much you value the planet compared to other things. would you pick up trash and be late for class?

Health is how much do you value your life, would you do drugs with your friends or save your health?
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Unit 3 Individuality media influences
These images plainly show that sex (mainly woman) is everywere in the media. as we are influenced by everything in our environment these images affect us. they show us that because the woman we always see in ads are skinny busty babes that that is the average woman. This causes a variety of problems with teens and young woman being anorexic and having low self confidence. the tall skiny genes are very rare and so the people for who it is physicaly impossible to be that thin and tall they often have dieting issues.
this also causes men to relate all woman to sex. with woman plastered all over the media in provacative positions it makes men think of woman as objects for sexual pleasure. this objectifying of women causes spousal abuse and domestic violence. little boys from an early age are exposed to storefronts with skinny manikins already programming them to think that it is normal to look like a supermodel.

external image DCP_2334.JPGDCP_2334.JPG
This video describes why the word retard is insulting to people with disabilties and their family. The insults that are used torwards people with dissabilities are just as derogatory as the word nigger but are not thought of that way. Disabilities can be everything from the words in front of you being jumbled up and almost impossible to read, to being blind deaf mute and in a wheelchair. this is all sumed up in a rather ugly fashion failing to show all of their strengths in the word retard.
Sometimes the less severe handicapes can go unnoticed and the person may be just called stupid or retarded and the people around them may not realize that they actually havre real problems keeping them back. These people may have almost as much trouble as seriosly handicapped people. They may have to decide to tell only a few people about their issues.
When you see a handicapped person sometimes it is hard not to stare. People with down sindrome often are overweight with flat faces and often look quite different, blind people with canes, even hearing aides can be hard to look over. Just remember that they will not hurt you in fact they probably want to be your friend.
The picture to the right is of my undiagnosed developementaly disabled 17 year old brother.

unit 4 health-stress-sleep
Stress is like a hill if you stay at the bottom you will not stay in shape. If you go half way up you will be sort of in shape. If you make it to the peak you are in good shape and its downhill back. Make it over that hump and you will have to go uphill to get back to normal. Go all the way over and you will have problems going back and that leads to panic anger or violence.
Stress is a rope keeping you from falling into distruction but it can also pull you into distruction. Stress can come from home chores. It can come from grades and school. Lack of nutrition and sleep can also cause stress. Whenever things go wrong the rope tightens to keep you from quitting and falling into distruction.

Sleep is nessesary to the human body. For what other reason would your body let you lay helpless for hours on end. it restores you mentally and physicaly for the next day. sleep helps you orgonise your thoughts. it allows your muscles to stop moving for a while and rest. Without sleep Your stress level rises and that can have dangerous consequences.
Every teen should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep. This allows for his stress levels to stay normal and will allow the teen to function properly. Adults do not need as much sleep because they are not growing.

Unit 5-substance abuse-tobacco-alcohol

Smoking is bad for you. It can cause lung cancer. It can fill lungs with tar. It will make your breath smell awful. Your house will smell awful. You will look older faster. You will get wrinkles.Your teeth will turn yellow. You will get addicted. Finally you will lose a lot of money to smoking. Your bling bling will be exchanged for weeds wrapped in paper. (it did not need to be candy coated)
People start because they think it makes them cool, but smelling bad looking awful and having no money does not sound cool to me.
"The cost of smoking has increased by more than any other commodity - rising 204% since 1989 on the Retail Price Index, according to the Halifax."bbc
This quotation shows that once you get addicted the ceo's and companies just ride the cash train it is horse drawn, and you are the horse.

Alchohol is popular and it has been for centuries. But since it is illegal to drink under the age of 21 if you are caught drinking you can be arrested. Alchohol can also be expensive so instead of bling bling you are getting juice alchohol and glass and possibly jail time. Alchohol can impair your judgement so drinking can lead to other problems like pregnacy, health issues, and addictions to drugs you tried when you were drunk. All of these side effects generally require money but if you already spent it on booze thn you are in even worse shape.
Alchohol can also kill your liver, cause you to hurt yourself when drunk, the addiction can cause you to do poorly at work so that you get fired, you could lose money from the alchohol, maybe a DUI or two and now you are in the gutter, addicted to alchohol, broke, with no job.

Unit 6-sexuality-methods of birth control-teen pregnancy

There are several methods of birth control the pill, condoms, diaphram, and abstinence. The pill is 97-99 percent effective against pregnency. But the pill will not stop std's like aids. The pill is taken daily over 28 day periods of time. Similar things can be injected in shots monthly or they can be in patches or even in little things that they put under your skin. What the pill does is it fools your body into thinking that it is pregnent so that eggs won't be released and with no egg their is no pregnency. Condoms are 86-94 percent effective against pregnency. They are also the only birth control method that can prevent you from getting std's. They are a thin latex barrier between the female and male reproductive systems that keeps the sperm and stds trapped inside. Diaphrams are 80-94 percent effective against pregnency's. They do not stop std's. Abstinence is ever the best way to keep from having a baby and getting diseases. Abstinence is where you don't have sex. That does not put a time limit, it could be ten minutes it could be forever.

Teen pregnency's
Teen pregnancy's cause problems. They take time away from studies. They make you commited to this baby for 18 years. In those 18 years you could be going to collegehanging out with friends. Or you could get pregnant. In teen pregnancies the male is often able to slip away but the girl can't. The only way out is an abortion wich is not as easy as it sounds. An abortion may involve losing valuable time preparing for tests. My opinion is that you should wait before getting pregnant.

EXTRA-you are prepared-don't stress

Middle school does a good job preparing you for high school. Even though High School may be hard Middle School has gotten you ready for it. You were taught all of those seemingly useless orgonisational things but they actually do help you in high school. Unlike Middle School an orgonised binder is nessessary for high school so listen to your teachers tips.
Don't stress
Instead of stressing out, sleep for an hour if you have the time stressing out can be very bad for your body and sleeping is very good for your body so replace bad with good. Over stressing on something can make you do worse on it than you could if you did not stress about it. Just remember stress is bad sleep is good.