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Inside the Teenage Brain

Many people are confused by the actions of teenagers. We tend to have strange moods, overreactions, go through rebellion and so on. But during this fragile time, our brains are receiving new information, skills, habits, and basic logic. We are going through puberty and our body and brains are developing quickly. Our brains are defining our own personal identities and begin to specialize. Everybody’s brains are wired differently and it’s a super complex wiring. As we learn more information daily our brain is growing larger and larger in size. Teenagers tend to make rational decisions and logic based more or less on our emotions. When you look at the anatomy of a teenage brain, you can understand why teenagers are more influenced and emotional.

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Learning Styles

There are three main types of learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. A learning style is the way or method of learning new information that best suits you and your brain. Visual learners tend to enjoy and learn more from charts, pictures, diagrams, colors and maps, any type of visual. Usually these people communicate well and love to draw. Another learning style is auditory learners. They are most comfortable listening to tapes to gather information. When studying, some people make up songs and hymns to remember certain information. They can speak out loud their thoughts and give good speeches. Sometimes to remember facts auditory learners use recorders to listen to their own voice repeating the information needed. Lastly, kinesthetic learners learn the most by manipulation, objects, simulation, field trips, any physical learning methods. When studying these people seem to take breaks from studying and perhaps make skits to remember.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01



Gender Issues

In this society today, there are many gender disagreements and opinions against people. Stereotypes are one main argument in this topic. The stereotypical women have characteristics that are perhaps being moody, hormonal, gossiper, judgmental, needy, and lovey-dovey. The stereotypical man holds characteristics such as being super athletic, a jerk, mean, having many sexual urges, showing little emotions, and sexist towards women. To be honest, most men and women show these characteristics because it’s just apart of who human beings are.

Media Influences

You see about 3,000 media ads about everywhere you look every day. If it’s in a magazine, on the T.V., you hear it on the radio, anywhere and everywhere. Some people just look at these ads and say, “Oh well, not everyone is perfect.” That’s a good way to look at things. But some people go to such extremes that they are dying to look like these women and men in ads. These ads show you how you are supposed to look and if you don’t look like there people then you are not as good as them. These ads are advertising different and new products. About $180 billion dollars go to advertising every year. On these ads, men are showed most of the time as inferior and women less inferior to men. In some short films we have watched, critics have said the masculinity is a mask for men. Men are influenced strongly and are affected greatly. There is a lot of pressure to be a “guy”. To be strong, disrespectful, violent, look mean and be physically strong. Women, on the other hand, have the pressures of being thin, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, good girl with a sexy hidden side. Women are sympathetic, caring, sexy, beautiful, thin, physically in good shape, and smart. Women have major eating disorders and are becoming sick just to look as beautiful as the women in ads. Women in ads use their sexuality to sell products. In the end, the media goes to such extremes and have major affects on women and men to look like the ideal man or woman.



Health is a very important part of your everyday life. One main element of life that greatly affects your mind and your body; STRESS.
Some parts of stress can be involving your family, work/school, and friends. If you looked at a graph of how stress works, there are three parts. The allostasis, allostatic, and neurotoxicity. Allostasis is where stability is achieved through changes. Allostatic load is accumulative demand on your system to adapt to stress. Lastly neurotoxicity is the resource depletion and tissue damage. Your mind and body first build up the allostatic load, which increases stress. Then you go into your “sweet spot” which is where the stress is at a good calm point. There are many stress responses and consequences of stress.

Adaptive stress response
Stress-related disorders
Mobilization of energy
Diabetes, high cholesterol
Cardiovascular tone
Hypertension, chronic disease
Digestive problems
Growth and repair
Injuries/ dwarfism
Infertility, loss of libido
Jumpstart immune system
Immune suppression, disease risk
Sharp thinking/ senses
Neuron death, depression

As you can see, stress can lead to many physical and emotional consequences. To help with these problems, there are a few ways you can manage your stress.
· Fight or Flight
· Freeze or Please
· Tend or Befriend
Finally, stress affects your mind, and body. Stress in your body doesn’t know and won’t know the difference between real stress and imagined stress.


Nutrition is another important factor in you daily health. You know the saying “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

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This is a food pyramid. Doctors have come up with the average daily amount of each food categories you should get daily. With a good nutrition you can maintain a healthy weight, self-confidence, more energy, and less stress. I believe that when you do something that is good for you you will feel good about yourself.

Substance Abuse

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Marijuana

Tobacco, alcohol and marijuana are called gateway drugs. This means that once you start to become used to them you are subject to eventually become addicted to these drugs. Once you become addicted its difficult to turn it down and you become dependent on drugs. After using these gateway drugs you might experiment with more dangerous and deadly narcotics such as heroin and methamphetamine. Tobacco, alcohol and marijuana are the most popular drugs among teenagers. They are easy to get, simple to take, and give you the feeling of being happy, in a good mood.

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Short and Long Term Effects
All drugs have long term or short-term effects on your body and mind.

Drug Name
Basic Info.
4,000 chemicals
Includes nicotine
Risk of heart attack and lung disease
40% of all deaths
Slurred speech
Physiological addiction

Stimulants; inhalants, hallucinogens
Psychosis, paranoia
2,000 chemicals
High depression
No motivation
Inhalation or smoking
Non-stop talking
Body sores
Physical dependence
No hunger
Birth defects
Sex drive
Heroin- loss of skin
Dull senses
Increased strength
Mass muscle
Smaller parts

This table shows you just a few of the side effects of using certain drugs and how serious they could be. Some short-term effects include super highs and lowest lows, nausea, and slurred speech. But some long-term effects include death, cancer, diseases, and sense interruptions.


Methods of Birth Control and Abstinence
To different people, abstinence means something different. The typical meaning means to wait till a certain time to have sex. Most people think of waiting until marriage to have sex for the first time. But like I said to everyone it means something different and a different time. There are different types of birth control. Birth control fools your body and makes it think that you are already pregnant so that when you have sex you don’t release and egg for the sperm to get inside. But the male or female should still wear a condom or some type of protection.

% Effective
No side-effects
Task of remembering
No risk
Wait for personal time

Easy, effective
No protection from STD’s

The previous are the different and effective ways of using birth control. The most effective is obviously abstinence because it involves no sexual connection.

Teen Pregnancies
In the U.S. alone, there are about one million teen pregnancies in one year. That is a lot for one country. It’s not all because not everybody is educated but because some people forget about being safe and sometime just don’t think about the consequences. Sadly most fathers, or the person who got a teen pregnant are not ready to be fathers and don’t take the responsibility for their actions. This can be very personal and girls who are pregnant are left alone without much support.

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Freshman Advice

Ask Questions
One thing that I have learned as a new freshman is that you have to ask questions when you don’t understand something or else you will fall behind in class and not do well on your tests. I go to tutorial when I have problems and when I need help on something. Tutorial is your best friend! Teachers are very kind and willing to help you with anything. So take advantage of tutorial and use it wisely.

Stay Organized, On Task, and Concentrated
Another thing I have learned this year is to always keep papers, graded or not, because some teachers miss your paper and forget to grade it or lose your score and you have to turn the missing assignment back in or else you wont get credit. Always, always pay attention in class or you will miss the important information. And lastly, focus on the task at hand. Read everything through and try your hardest on everything. Even if you have no clue what to do, try your best and you might succeed.