Living Skills Final
Haley Baird
F period


Influences: Inside the teenage Brain
The teenage brain changes constantly for better or worse. The brain of a teenager is at an akward stage.
Most teens know right from wrong but a lot of them decide to make bad decisions because they are emotionally
unstable and tend to rebel from what is right. Because the teen brain is always changing and absorbing everything
it can become addicted to anything. Around a high forty percent of teens get in an accident or even cause death
due to risky behavior and their bad judgement. I have learned that a lot of teens sometimes have no control
of what their bodies are doing which is scary but it is a stage in life that everyone has to go through.external image 1179722422Teen_brain.jpg
Influences: Learning stylesLearning styles very from person to person. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic are your three options. Visual learners learn well by reading a lot, using print outs in class and videos. Auditory people learn well from lectors and say things out loud to remember. Kinesthetic is more hands on and doing physical activities. Kinesthetic learners need to move around to focus and like activities where they do not have to sit in class for a long period of time.
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Individuality: Gender issues
A female college graduate loses $1.2 million less in her life time then a man who has received the same diploma next to her.I learned that there is no real answer to why there are wage gaps between man and woman but there are theories. A couple of theories are that women choose lower paying jobs compared to men and a most current theory is that women " opt out" of work to have children.
Women have always gotten the short end of the stick even though males havemore problems with their bodies then women do and have a higher chance with being born with disorders. men are not treated as objects and when they are it is a huge deal. then why not the same with women? it will not change for awhile because sex sells and women are the base of our market.

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Individuality: Race issues
Race issues have gone on for centuries. There has been substantial progress but not enough to completely get rid of race issues. Class and race used to be related but now that has changed.

external image people_from_all_races.jpg----


Health: Stress
Stress is something that everyone gets and the different levels vary from person to person. I learned three different stress response styles: fight or flight, freeze or please and tend or befriend. Fight or flight is when you are put in a stressful situation you either fight or run away. Freeze and please is when you tense up and allow yourself to be dominated by a bully or ect. Tend and befriend is a little similar except the situation turns out to be more of a social benefit. Stress can really hurt the body many people that have a high level of stress can easily get depression. Stress can be bad or good. Not having stress in life is not possible because life would go nowhere and nothing would ever get done because people would not have pressure or competition to push them forward. Exercise, sleep and a balanced diet can help reduce stress.
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Health: Sleep and exercise Sleep is very important you spend half of your life sleeping. If you do not sleep there can be a lot of consequences. the way youexternal image bp_fall06_backyard_jogging_l.jpg sleep,where you sleep and how long you sleep for all matters tremendously.


Substance abuse: Tabacco,Alcohol,Marijuana
Tabacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and death in the united states. 12 million deaths a year have happened due to smoking Tabacco, 94,000 infants die a year because their mother smoked while she was pregnant. Smoking is in such demand because it is addicting and is a huge invester. One of the main reason why smoking companies will not stop is because of the amount of money that is being brought in by millions of people that smoke. A very common drug that teenagers use is Alcohol. teenagers use alcohol to feel older, to fit in and out of curiosity. The punishments of alcohol are very severe teens that drink put themselves and others at danger. Teens who drink are more likely to be sexually active and to have unsafe, unprotected sex.
Teens that drink are more likely to commit crimes then those who do not. Marijuana is also a well known drug besides alcohol.Marijuana is highly addicting it is known as a very compulsive drug. Just after one time of using with in one to three days you start feeling cravings and get a mental attachment to the drug. This is a very widespread drug and the only way to prevent you from ruining your life is to just say no and stay above the influence.external image prescription-drug-side-effects.jpg

Substance abuse: Short and long term affects The short term affect on your body from tobacco is the decrease of oxygen and increase of blood pressure in your blood stream due to the nicotine running through your system. Long term affect of smoking tobacco is chronic lung cancer which usually ends up leading to death.Short term affects of alcohol are nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting and black outs. Long term affects of alcohol can cause tremors, hallucinations, alcoholism and convulsions.
In short term marijuana causes distorted perception memory and learning problems increased heart rate and anxiety. In the long run marijuana can become cancer causing and lung damaging. None of these drugs are worth the loss of your life.external image Smoking-marijuana.jpg----


Sexuality: Methods of birth control
There are so many types of birth control. Condoms are the most well known. condoms can protect you almost 99.9 perecent of the time . many women also like to use the pill which is a birthconrtoll pill that you take everyday which changes their bodies to prevent them from getting pregnent.
The only true way to not get pregnant or keep yourself from risk of stds is to to be abstinence. waiting untill you can handle the fact that you could possibly bring a child into the world is a good idea.

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Teen Prenancy:
Teen pregnancies happen mostly because the teen did not use protection. not using birthcontroll will end result in apregnancy many girl teens think that if they get pregnent they will just get an abortion. they do not realize the painful regret they will feel.Teen pregnancy is very common but not well known because many people try to hide it.

Gunn Highschool:

Gunn high school is very well known for academics. The clubs here are amazing. So if you are interested in meeting new peoplemaking your transcript look good clubs are the right thing for you. Soccer,track and swimming do well at Gunn high school.
The cultural here is also very diverse and many people do not feel left out. When you come to Gunn high school you should be
excited to meet new people and learn more about the world then just academics.

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