• Teenage Brain:

The teenage brain is a very complexed and mysteriouse place that has changed over the years.The teenage mind is full of rebellionious,defiance,lies,passion,intelligence,emontional liabiliteis,and many more.A teenagers brain would probly be defined as "Plastic", and the importance of experince, enrichment, and stimulations is paramount/Brain specializes also active synapeses will take advantage of good and toxic experiences. Many would say that teens are quick to over react or they believe that there the only ones that are intelligent, but truth is we're just growing mentially and physicaly and are brain's are expanding and becoming more wonderous.a childs brain devolpement is over at age three and from there on it expands and by age six the brain is about 95% of it's adult size brain,so that explanes why teenagers make poor decisions at times but those risk that teens take helps them define there own idenity and personallities.Everyone needs love but i believe that teens need it the most because it expands there love,passion,responsibilities,trust,and the knowlege of there brains, because the state of love is a very complex interactive of hormones, neurotransmitters and biology that also crossess cultures which everyone needs passion to live.The teens brain takes on massive remodeling to it's basic structure, affecting logic,language,impulses and intution.Also the physical features of the bain consist of thickening of gray matters and cells are constantily blooming.Also teenagers normaly need ten hours of sleep a day for there brain to fully function.
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  • Learning Styles:

There are three differnt learning typeswhich are visual,auditory,kinesthetic learners also know as, "VAK". Visual Learners are usally the ones that are very clen and get into great detail there the ones that like to grasp and juice all the information so they can be legit and passive.Also colors,graphs,and graphic things are used positivily in there manner.Auditory Learners are the ones that activate bt sound and movement they need to hear when there learning the need tapes and othere devices that consist of them listing to be very studios.Also they would be the ones to read aloud in class, or make a jingel to remeber things.Kinesthetic Learners are the ones that up and loud they learn by doing things like labs , project, and other physical charterstics that is hands on to really help them.THere the ones that are jittery and tappes,doodels,and need thing around them to be active and motivating to keep them on the right track of learning.For example, i'm a Kinesthetic Learner and i tend to learn better when i use alot of color and when i do physical hands on project because i find it very interesting and it graspes on to my attention and helps me focuse.I also doodel when i get really bored but i would say that Kinesthetic Learners are what we call the, "Active Learners".
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  • Learning difference/disabilities:

Many people have different issues that can effect them from learning or communicating with others.Blindness is a disabilitie that effects a person from being abel to see which effect them and it's more difficult for them to feel compfortabel at times and the best way that a person can help them is by confronting them when they come and leave a room so that way they don't feel like something negative is going on and also being patienct with them is aother way of working with them.Defness is a disabilitie that effects a person from being abel to hear so they have to learn sign lauange so the best way to communicte with a person that has a hearing disabilitie is to use hand gestures, pictures,writing, and other graphic gestures so you can communicate.ADD/ADHD is another form of a learning problem which the person is very hyper active they can't really focuse so the best way to work with them is to be patiencet and to give them brakes because forcing them to be sit to long and focuse can cause them to be rebilliouse, also having a daily schedule for them gives a person a great amount of accurate positive performance from the person.Mental illiness is a brain disorder which it makes it hard for those people to think, act, feel, and relate to peple and the enviornment around them.The best way to interact with those people are to be equal with them and try not to under degrate them or put them down.Hidden disabilities cosist of cancer, epilesspy,diabetes,lung diease, kidney failor, hemopilia, hypertension, AIDS, heart diease.The best way to interact with those people are to ask questions that will help provide apporpiate accommodianations.Devolpmental Dissabilities which is a sever chronic disability which is also know as a mentially or physicalliy impairment.The best way to help them is to talk about there problem and to break things down into great detail.Mobility Impairment affects a persons independent movment and causes limited mobility.When interacting with people of that form you should not act affaird, should stay eye level and don't be affraid to bring them with you into social groups.Brain Injuries is external forces appilied to the head suddenly effects normal stabilities and the best way to work with a person is to repeat things alot so they won't forget and keep the area distraction free when talking buissness.

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  • Media Influences:

The Media Influences many teens weather it's about drinking,smoking,drugs, and espicaially sex.Television seems to be one of the main resources of the bad media influences on teens for example sex. THe average teen may watch up to 3 hours of t.v in a day which is 20,000 hours by the time a student graduates high school.The satistics say that 3 out of 4 primetime shows, "Expose" teens and kids to sexual content, 78% of all teens dialogue on TV involves comments about theres or someone else's interest in sex.THe normal teens back in the day would learn about sex from there parents or at school but now there learning about sex from the media which incldes television, magaziens,music, and false tricky wordings in radio advertisments.About 40% of teens learn how to talk to there parents about sex from TV, 4 out 10 Fiftenn- Seventeen years old say they have heard a good amount and learned a fair amount about STD's form TV.They also say the television has a medium effect of communicating valuable information about health,adolescence, and sexuality.As we all know sex sells and they promote it all the time.

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  • Stress:

"Stress is Dangerouse" There are three steps of stress,Healthy adaptain,Allostasis Load,Stress-Related Disorders. "MYTH 1" Stress is anything that requires allostasis.Allostasis is stability achieved through change.Allostasis Load the cumalitive demands on your system ---> "STRESS" !!! Adapted Stress Response (Allostasis) Mobilization of energy, ^Cardidvasuular tone,suppression of digeston,suppersion of growth and repair.Stress Related Disorders (Allostasis Load) Diabete, high chlorstore,Hypetites,chronic inflamantion,digesting orders,hard to get rid of.Stress is nessary for thriving. "MYTH 2" Stree response- The fight or flight Response. Many believe as myself that they are a little of all these responses but at different times during different situations. "MYTH 3" The opposite of stress is relaxation. Sometimes stressful situations require active adaption.The "Challenge" response is that something is actiually going to change for the better,because some stree situations require congnative adaption.THe "Reframing" response is like your seeing things in a different light your seeing things from the other persons perspective and you actuially try to underdtand where there coming from for once, it's also another way of trying to better yourself.
Response Style
Personal Power ?
Social Support
Muscle Tension
Fight OR Flight
Rapid AND Shallow
Hands,Back, Whole Body
Freeze AND Please
Breath Holding
Jaw, Belly, Whole Body
Tend AND Befriend
Normal With Social Contact
Low, Touch Seeking

  • Sleep:

Everyone needs sleep without sleep you are like the walking dead.Sleep is food to the brain and if you don't give it to your body your brain will make you give your body rest.Without sleep a person is very moody and you do poor on just about everything you do, because your body is weak.Sleep is as important as the air we breath to keep us living, the water we drink to keep us from dying of thirst.The normal amount for a teen is 8 to 10 hours of sleep but only 15% were reported to get at least 8 hours of sleep on a school night.When you change your sleeping times alot it seems to be irregular sleeping times.They say that many teens suffer from sleep orders that are treatabel which are narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs syndrome or and sleep apnea.Consequences for not getting enough rest can result to getting really bad acne and it effects you meomery really bad which effects your school work and studing habits.Also it can cause you to be very aggraviated and angry which can cause you to get in many arguments with people.Unhealthy eating also becomes a threat to your health that is side by sidem with lack of sleep.Then it becomes very dangerouse like driving when your extermly sleepy and there has been about 100,000 car crashes every year.The best way to cure non sleep is to make it a priorty or even making a schedule.

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Substance Abuse
  • Addiction:

Addicition is a common thing for a person people are addicted to all kind of different things. It is easy for people to try new things and to get addicited but the worse things to get addicited to substances.Addicition is also know as a person not being able to us self control.Most of the times addition is forwarded towards drinking and drugs.Physical addiction is when a person body depends on a substance to keep them going it also means building tolerance to a substance so that a person needs a larger dose than ever to get the same effect and when a person try's to stop the addictin the often go threw a process called, "Withdrawl" symptoms which cause diarrhea,shaking, and generally feeling really bad. Psychological addiction which is one of the worse points of addicton is when you think you need a substance to navagitate your body,also mood changes,or weight loss or gain,depression, eating disorders,etc.True signs of addictition is when you use substances to get over problems or to relax,withdrawl or keep secerts from people,changes in relationships with people,mood swings,change of sleeping habits,feeling sick, changes in eating and weight.

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  • Marijuana:
Also known as Mayr jane,Dope,Gangeter,Ganja,Hash,Herb,Kif,Pot,Reefer,Sinsemilla,Skunk,Weed, ETC.Marijuana is illegal but can be legal for certain things such as medication.It is from the, "Hemp Plant,Cannabis Sativa".Also THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).THere is about 400 chemicals that is found in cannabis plant, THC that affects the brain and kills the cells.It looks like a dried up green and gray shredded flowers and leaves which is from the hemp plant.It's usally wrapped in cigarett or "Joint OR Swishers", and you smoke it out of there or you can smoke hash out of a pipe or bong since it's more gewy , and it can also be brewed as tea.It can cause effects on your body but the short term effects are memory loss,sight,sounds,time,touch, and trouble with thinking,and loss of motor coordination,increased heart rate,and anxiety.THe effects may increase by what is mixed into the weed and it also may give them dry mouth and throat.Also the long term sign effects is lung cancer. Marijuana

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These are some dieases that can harm you for the rest of your life but it's not that hard to get them but sometimes you can never get rid of them but the number one way to get one of them is by having sex. About 3,750,000 teens in the united states will get an STD OR STI in a year. Which is about 1 in 4 teens.For exampel there is about 2,000 students at Gunn High School and a great estimate is that at least 50%of them are sexually active so that leaves us with 1,000 students and about 250 students will get an STD this year.One of the number one DTD;s to get is chlamydia and it's an bactiera.
HIV=17,000 day/world--->2 teens every hourit takes about three months for you to find ouT 90% OF BING DIONOSED of AIDS and six months to be 99% accurate that you do.

**Dramatic Changes**