A Guide to High School
Unit 2
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Learning styles
There are three primary learning styles, visual auditory and kinesthetic. Most people have a primary learning style and have traits of other one or share a good amount of traits from two or three of the learning styles. Visual learners tend to learn best by watching the lesson happen in front of them, such as on the white board or watching a presentation. Auditory learners learn best by listening to a teacher talk in front of the class or hearing one on one conversation. Most classes work out quite well for learners of these types, because as a teacher is writing on a white board or showing a presentation they are also talking aloud to the class. Kinesthetic learners learn best by actually doing things hands on. Such as doing labs in science. There are other more distinct variations of these learning styles but these three are the primary ones.

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Teenage Brain
Growing up a child's brain is in a stage of development. During development the brain is more susceptible to harm from drugs, alcohol and other substances. As time goes by more and more studies are done and more is learned, such as how it was once believed that brain development stops around age four, it its know said and scientifically backed that brain development continues on beyond age ten and into the twenties. During this time the brain begins to make decisions for itself in life and can also be unstable at times leading to acts of rebellion or emotional distress.

Unit 3
Media Influences
Media has a great influence on lives of most people in everyday life. There are adds, TV shows, movies all showing examples of new clothes, electronics, and people. One of the main influences that TV, magazines, and movies have on people are showing people with "perfect" bodies that very few people actually have, even in many magazine articles the pictures may even be photo-shopped to make the person look even better then they really are. There are also examples of ways to make those who are not happy with the way they look, such as how stars get plastic surgery to make themselves look even better, or sometimes worse, or shows such as nip tuck that are just full of images showing how a woman should and want to look. This especially adds a lot of pressure on young girls growing up showing how they should look and most probably will not end up looking that way.

Race Issues
Across the world there are many different races spanning around it. All of these races look and act slightly different, even though most seem much like other ones. One example Asians can be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Although they are from different countries they can all look alike and be stereotyped the same way. You may not even think about when you are racist, you can make judgments without even thinking about it, those judgments may just be reacting to someone or something you see on the street. The most common stereotypes commonly show up on TV shows or are made fun of by comedians and are then recirqlelated and eventually they become so common you may say something that is very offensive to some people but you here it so much it seems very mellow and meaning less to you. A very common example is the word retard, nowadays it is thrown around very nonchallantly, but to a physically handicapped person or other people it can be taken as a major insult.

Unit 4

Unit 5
Tabacco, Alcohol, Marijauna
Tabacco, Alcohol, and Marijuana are uaually thought of as very simple and not very dengerous. On the other hand, they are all considered "gateway' drugs. Primarely tabacco, to most users it would not appear to be that major of a drug so users will use it and get used to it more and then they will be more at ease to try other drugs. Marijauna also does not seem as major of a drug compared to other drugs such as LSD or Heroin. Alcohol can act with such bad affects as these other gateway drugs but it also has some of it's own effects. One major one is to mask the brains judgement ability, one of the main negative actions associated with alcohol is drunk driving. Alcohol has many effects that lead towards drunk and recklace driving. One factor is it's effect on the brains thinking ability, which becomes slower making it less responsive to road conditions. Also along with its lack of thinking ability the brain is more likely to do more dangerous things that would not normally be be done when sober. That is why alcoholic drinks are sometimes called liquid courage. (Class Notes)

Short and Long Term effects
Drugs when you take a drug it's effects may come quickly while others will take minutes or hours for you to notice. Almost all will leave you with more then just the buzz or or sudden burst of energy. Some act by blocking your neurological receptors or adding more things that are being received. The most common ways of getting drugs into the body are through smoking them, snorting them, or injecting them. Each brings about its own unique long term effect. Snorting will eventually break down the space in between your nostrils and other nose related illnesses. Smoking drugs, will also bring it's own problems, most obvious is Lung and or throat cancer. Injections can leave the injection place with red marks that can lead to bruising and other problems. Depending on the drugs exactly some more common problems that nay arise are brain problems, heart problems, death, mental problems, and vital body functions. (Class notes) Also with drugs there will become a dependence and addiction to them so it will be vary hard to stop, and the taker will get worse and worse.

Unit 6
Methods of Birth Control and abstinence
There are many forms of birth control being sold on the market today. The most commonly known one is the condom =, it works simply and can block STD's, HIV, and keep ou from getting pregnant.(If used properly) You can also use a female condom that works sort of like a male condom just it can worn be the female for 5-8 hours. You cold also take birth control pills or use a vaginal ring, such as Nuvaring. There is also abstinence, which is 100% effective, abstinance can be just not having sex day to not having sex to when your married, or it could even never having sex. The last one would be kind of weird but watever floats your boat. Studies have found that 5 out of 10 wemon who had abortions were using a contraceptive method the month they were conceived, and that condoms fail as a contraceptive method 2% of the time. (Ask me if I care, by Nancey Rubin) So almost all contraceptive methods can fail every so often.

Teen Pregnancy
Teens and children learn about sex and other forms of intercourse from different people and places. If they havnt learned about it from friends, Television, movies, ads, internet, they will end up learning about it through school. From this knowledge some will avoid having sex and others will end up having sex while they are teenagers or after. Parents can also help to keep kids from getting pregnant, such as talking to them about the losses of getting pregnant befor you are ready emotionally, physically, and even if you could pay for the baby. If you do become pregnant while you are in high school many things are stacked against you succeeding. Your parents and peers may not be supportive of you having a baby so it would become very stressful, which would not be good for you or the baby. You would also miss at least a week or so of high school, more if you do end up keeping the baby and caring for it yourself.
Statiustistics (Ask me if i Care, by Nancey Rubin)
1 in 5 teenage wemon who are sexually active become pregnant(Blue Packet)
6 in 10 teenage pregnancies result in births, 3 in 10 terminated by abortion, 1 in 10 end in miscarriage
1 in 6 live births by teenagers are given up for adoption

Unit 7
external image peer%20pressure.gifPeer Pressure
It was once said by Eleanor Roosevelt that "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission", by this it means that people can say whatever they want about you but it can only affect you if you believe that it is true. So you should make sure that you have a high self esteem and that you can ignore or brush of things that other people say. Such times are especially during homecoming week, you should go all out and dress up and don't let those people that don't dress up get to you. Peer pressure can also help you, but it does no end up working out well this way, say need to do something thats hard and everybody is cheering against you, this can give you an extra boost to try and defy them and get you to do it. Most of the time though peer pressure does not help people out, one way indeviduals are pressured are by groups of people or gangs to do something for them. Such as in the movie grand torino, one of the chractors, Tao, is forced by his cousins gang through peer pressure to steal his neighbors very expensive Grand Torino. After he tries to the gang knows that he will do nything they tell him to so he basickly becomes their slave until the police intervine.

Throughout middle school and elementary school it may have worked out alright to procrastinate on homework or projects to watch TV, hangout with friends, organise your room, wash the car, go for a walk, check Facebook/MySpace, decide if if Facebook is better then MySpace, text your friend, or make a list of thing instead of your homework. It is very easy to becomesidetracked and begin procrastinating, or to put off doing your homework till the day before it is due. This can build up a lot of stress on your body, a certain amount of stress can be helpful but a lot of stress can hurt you. Especially be sure you do not procrastinate during finals, epecially if you are in certain classes where you are assigned projects to do.












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Class Notes