Welcome to the Living Skills wikispace! The purpose of this site is to make your final project easier for you to work on, for you to learn how to use a new kind of technology, to enable your classmates to see your final project easily, and to be green - using less paper.

Most of what you need to know is already on this site.

On the left side there are links for -

The assignment sheet
How to do a wikiproject
The Rubric I will be using to grade the project
Directions for how to use turnitin.com

You can work on your project whenever you have time. It must be completed by the end of class on January 13th. We will be in the lab on January 12th and 13th for final editing. You should have most of your project done before then.

Remember I can see anything that you have written and when you have been on.

If you have any problems or questions please send me an e-mail.